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– The News&Observer

“There is also the big cost-saving potential where you can shop, find a high-quality provider, and really reduce your out-of-pocket costs,” said Blue Cross spokesman Austin Vevurka.

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– Prevention Magazine

“The medical establishment sends the message that as long as doctors have gone through years of medical training, they provide quality care—but the truth is that some don’t, and people know that," says Mitch Rothschild, the founder and chairman of…

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– Forbes

“Shop with us, we tell you what your options are, and you decide where you want to go,” said Graybill. “That's why we feel the consumer should be rewarded. It's not the doctor. It's not the insurance company. It's the…

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"You have to make sure the EOB is right and compare it with the bill from your provider to make sure they match, because they don't always," said Mitch Rothschild, founder and chairman of consumer health-care site - CNBC

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– HealthPayer Intelligence

“Our members are going to high quality facilities and they’re receiving a reward.  We have been very successful in engaging our membership and getting them to utilize the program.” – HealthPayer Intelligence

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– California Broker

“But no matter if the Affordable Care Act ever gets repealed, replaced, canceled or reformed, we still need to urgently address the continued cost crisis gripping our system.” – California Broker

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