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Smarter health care savings
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What is Sapphire 360?

Network strategy is at the heart of any health care payer organization. Getting it right means that the health plan can offer cost-efficient, quality providers that benefit its members and their bottom line.

By leveraging data and analytics, Sapphire 360 supports the ability of health plans to negotiate competitive rates, develop tiered benefit plans and reduce medical spend.

Sapphire Digital 360 utilizes machine-learning technology to develop deep data solutions designed to support health plans and their members.

Predictive modeling for:

Anticipating shopping events

Developing shopping clinical pathways

Outreach to members to encourage shopping along the clinical pathway

Identifying targeted providers using quality and cost data to support the care journey

Adding new clinical pathways by condition


Sapphire Digital 360 allows health plans to:

  • Negotiate competitive rates and make better provider contracting decisions
  • Select best-value, best-outcome providers
  • Steer members to best-value providers for health care savings
  • Predict future care pathways based on claims data
  • Early intervention in the care journey to influence future pathways

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