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Jason Knight

Scrum Master, VitalsChoice

Q: Where are you from ?

A: Born in Denver, CO and lived in Ft. Lupton CO until I was 8. Moved to Pryor Creek, OK in 1992 and lived there through highschool. Moved to Tulsa in 2003 to attend University of Tulsa and stuck around ever since.

QWhat do you like most about your work at Vitals ?

A: Highly collaborative work and freedom to experiment with approaches to solving important problems in the organization.

Q: What would you like people to know about you ?

A: In general, I’m energized by having clear and important goals and am frustrated by lack of direction or information. I tend to assume the best about people and call them forth towards their most noble intentions. I enjoy evoking change rather than convincing or coercing it. I believe in telling truth but doing so only when I’m in touch with the pain and vulnerability of telling it. My goal is to leave Vitals better than I found it and with no dependencies on me for continued flourishing.
Here’s my Myer’s Briggs results:

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