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“It’s time for the consumer to stand up and say: “I’m paying, I’ll make my own choice” Read Article

-Fierce Healthcare

“There is also the big cost-saving potential where you can shop, find a high-quality provider, and really reduce your out-of-pocket costs,” said Blue Cross spokesman Austin Vevurka.

– The News&Observer

“The medical establishment sends the message that as long as doctors have gone through years of medical training, they provide quality care—but the truth is that some don’t, and people know that,” says Mitch Rothschild, the founder and chairman of…

– Prevention Magazine

“Shop with us, we tell you what your options are, and you decide where you want to go,” said Graybill. “That’s why we feel the consumer should be rewarded. It’s not the doctor. It’s not the insurance company. It’s the…

– Forbes

“You have to make sure the EOB is right and compare it with the bill from your provider to make sure they match, because they don’t always,” said Mitch Rothschild, founder and chairman of consumer health-care site – CNBC


“Next, consult online sources that can give you real patient reviews, board certifications and licenses, and accepted insurance types for individual physicians.” – Mens Journal

– Mens Journal

“Paid? To get a test? It’s part of a strategy to rein in health care spending by steering patients to the most cost-effective providers for non-emergency care.” 

– Kaiser Health News

“Stakeholders across the health care ecosystem need to innovate, remove friction points and design products and processes that are easy-to-use, convenient and value-priced.” – BenefitsPro

– BenefitsPro

“Our members are going to high quality facilities and they’re receiving a reward.  We have been very successful in engaging our membership and getting them to utilize the program.” – HealthPayer Intelligence

– HealthPayer Intelligence

“But no matter if the Affordable Care Act ever gets repealed, replaced, canceled or reformed, we still need to urgently address the continued cost crisis gripping our system.” – California Broker

– California Broker

“Another service that lets you comparison shop for pricing of select procedures is”

– Fox 23 News

“And consumers can save significantly when they shop for routine medical services. Through claims data, we’ve verified that when members shop for CT scans, they save an average of $507; An average $586 on MRIs; And an average of $1,250…

– Modern Healthcare

“Choosing the best doctors and medical facilities will put cash in the patient’s pocket in the form of a rebate.” – Pittsburgh Post Gazette

– Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“People are willing to shop for these type of routine procedures because it doesn’t disrupt the traditional doctor-patient relationship.” – Medical Economics

– Medical Economics

“Many experts say the ability of consumers to shop for some care is important for bringing health care costs under control.” – Boston Globe

– Boston Globe

“A growing number of employers are trying to get employees into the habit of comparison-shopping by giving them a cut of the savings when they choose cheaper care.” – Wall Street Journal

– Wall Street Journal

“… Even when outcomes are king, it’s hard to believe that reviews and opinions will become obsolete.” – STAT


“Patients may be surprised that about 70% of the cost of some medical care is attributed to the facility itself, not the doctors working there, according to [Vitals].” – MarketWatch

– MarketWatch

“As fierce competition grips healthcare, insurers need to understand how to leverage complex analytics in order to measure, track, and even predict consumer behavior as the industry shifts from wholesale to retail.” – Managed Healthcare Executive

– Managed Healthcare Executive

“Price transparency and consumer engagement company Vitals has secured a new round of funding.” – Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review

– Becker's Health IT & CIO Review

“This is the idea of transparency: showing what is available, and then helping people to understand the economics and quality consequences of the decisions they make.” – Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine

– Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine

Employers Offer Cash to Push Shopping Around for Health Care. “SmartShopper represents a twist in how corporate America is dealing with rising health care expenses.”

– US News & World Report [AP]

“Open enrollment is right around the corner, but where are the shoppers?” – Healthcare Payer News

– Healthcare Payer News

“Over the last decade and a half, the web has opened up information and made it available to consumers. The medical world has fallen behind. We’re in the business of transparency.”

– Fox Business

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