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Shattering high-
cost health care.

Sapphire Digital reduces health care costs by getting people to the right provider every time.

Engaged employees.
Proven results.

We make shopping for health care a rewarding experience for employees.

Technology that drives real results

Backed by quality data, predictive analytics and behavioral modeling,
Sapphire Digital impacts the cost and quality of health care.

Records processed daily
Consumer shopping rate
Americans use Sapphire Digital

Stronger networks.
Faster innovation.

We partner with health plans to accelerate their ability to provide solutions that strengthen networks and empower members to make better choices.

Sapphire digital health platform

Our transparency and engagement platform helps members understand the cost and quality of their network options.

Our health care shopping program offers consumers cash rewards for choosing lower-cost, high-quality procedures and facilities.

Our Medical Expertise Guide drives down the cost of complex health care procedures and surgeries by providing powerful outcome data and confidence measures.

Our predictive analytics and modeling support a health plan’s medical management and network strategies to contain costs, improve quality and engage consumers.

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