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Adults Skipping Healthcare

'Half Of U.S. Adults Skipping Healthcare Amid Pandemic' is a startling, but accurate, title of a recent Forbes article. Our survey supports this trend with a similar finding – 43% of adults have had a health care service canceled or delayed due…

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Shift in Care Locations

Patient Fear Around Returning to Hospitals Will Propel Shift in Where Patients Receive Care We’ve seen in recent weeks how COVID-19 has transformed the way Americans receive care. The most visible change has been the increase in telehealth over the…

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Economic Impact of COVID-19

According to a recent Health Affairs study, one hospitalized COVID-19 case would cost a median of $14,366, excluding follow-up care. This is another reminder of the economic impact COVID-19 is having on patients and the health care system. Now more than ever,…

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